Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns

Hitchhiking With Drunken Nuns meets Wednesday 24th May, downstairs at Cafe Nero, on Oxford High Street. From 7pm. Coffees must be ordered by 7.20pm latest.

Tell the Barista you are Hitchhiking With Drunken Nuns, and they will give you a free coffee. 

This month we are looking at moving from an identity of victimhood to empowerment as wounded healers.

How can we grow from trauma to empowerment?

To do this we are going to talk about the interface and connection between Siddartha Gautama's life and practice and the sufferings of Christ, and how we can receive fresh wisdom by exploring beyond the limitations of our identity and beliefs.

We are a group of Jesus followers from various Oxford Churches looking to come in from the margins, the wastelands and desert, to find and build a loving, safe community.

Any questions or enquiries to Chrissie, our Trans/GNC outreach worker,
on 07418 607983 or transgnc@saintcolumbas.org