We offer competitive rates for the use of the church building - in whole or in part. The main spaces are described below.

The Church Sanctuary

Fire regulations capacity: 100 (including the balcony)

The space is modelled on the structure (but not necessarily the scale) of medieval banquet halls - like the one at Winchester housing King Arthur's Round Table. These details, and the quality of the craftsmanship, make this an excellent venue for weddings and blessings, celebrations, group work, live entertainment, anf for filming.

The Hall

Fire regulations capacity: 50

The hall is a functional space is ideal for group work, meetings, and receptions.

With black-out and AV equipment (including digital projector), it also makes an ideal venue for presentations and video.

The Thomson Room

Fire regulations capacity: 15

A modern committee room, brightly decorated, with comfortable seating, flip-charts and pens, and LED lighting.

Committee Room 2

Fire regulations capacity: 7

A modern room, brightly decorated, with comfortable seating.

Ideal for central Oxford, private, one-to-one meetings, small tuition groups, or small group meetings.

The Kitchen

Fire regulations capacity: 5

A modern, well-equipped kitchen with large fridge capacity, dishwasher, two cookers, and a large floor area. It also has a professional filter coffee machine.

None of these spaces suitable / available?

If none of these spaces look suited to your particular requirements or are unavailable at the time you require then try our sister church, Cumnor URC.