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Sunday Worship

The centre of our church life is the Sunday morning service, where we gather to worship God & to hear the Gospel proclaimed. Below are details of this time of worship.

Time of worship

Our Sunday services start at 10:45am.

Style of worship

Our worship of God is in the Reformed tradition [see Our History for more information], with emphasis upon the reading of the Bible and the preaching of the Gospel. Members of the congregation read from the Bible and lead prayers, as we seek to include within worship the needs and gifts of all God's people: young and old, male and female, and from every nation. We also sing hymns and include prayers from a variety of traditions and seek to embrace new approaches as the Spirit leads (we have, for example, held café style services on occasions).

Family worship  

We recognise the importance of - and worshipping together as a - family. Therefore, the initial part of our Sunday service is specifically adapted for children. We hope this helps the children to effectively relate to the Gospel.  

We have adapted our facilities for use by families. In the church sanctuary (where the service is held), there is a sofa area with toys & creative materials and there are chairs at the front of the worship space for the younger members of the congregation. One of our rooms has been adapted to provide a creche facility, which includes an audio link from the sanctuary, and there are also baby changing facilities on site.

Junior church

During the second part of the Sunday service, the younger members of the congregation are invited to leave the main service for their own fellowship. This is not only an essential element for the spiritual development of the children but also contributes to the life of our church, including services led by Junior Church and articles in the church newsletter.

Communion Sundays

We celebrate Communion on the second Sunday of every month (and also at major festivals). All are welcome at God's table to join the joyful feast.

After-service activities

Following Sunday services, refreshments are available in the church hall. A Fair Trade stall is also usually present.

Various additional events and activities, such as church lunches and guest speakers, occur throughout the year.  Please refer to our latest newsletter for further information.

An example sermon

A sermon from our Minister's first month at St Columba's gives a flavour of her, and our, theology. You can also see an example sermon from one of our recent guest preachers.

You can also read a recent talk given to Students at Somerville College entitled A Christian Perspective on the Soul

Service sheets

You can download the service sheet for the most recent Sunday here.