There are numerous ways in which individuals can get involved with the life and community of St Columba's URC.

Sunday worship

Our Sunday services provide many opportunities for individuals to participate. An individual can become a church steward, lead prayers, take Bible readings, provide music (e.g. organists, pianists, and singers), support Junior Church, serve the after-service refreshments... and more!

Groups, events, and activities

St Columba's URC has numerous groups in which individuals can get involved. There are also many events and activities that are held during the year.


"Committee" is a word that often makes people run in the other direction! However, committees form a necessary part of church life to help the church operate effectively and efficiently in support of its mission. One such example at St Columba's URC is the Finance & Property Committee.

Church membership

Individuals are invited to become members of St Columba's URC, whether they be new to the United Reformed Church or if they are moving from another United Reformed Church.