The following questions are often asked regarding Christianity and church life. We offer some of our thoughts on these matters...


Hardly. We are concerned with the big issues of the day: the economic crisis, climate change, global inequality, and more. We address the issues in our preaching and in our mission activities.


It depends on your idea of "boring"! We strive to reach and to serve a diverse congregation – of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We’re learning to love one another and celebrate differences. Not everything in every Sunday service will appeal to everyone – but there should be something for most, if not everyone.


No way! We believe strongly in the right of conscience and the duty to respect others. We promote open conversation and know that we are all on a journey.


For years now, we have been working on being a welcoming church. We offer a warm and affirming welcome to seekers of all backgrounds, including to those who have been excluded from other churches.


While labouring in a patriarchal tradition, we seek and celebrate the fresh winds of the Spirit that feminism and women’s leadership have brought to both our church and the also the wider Church.


Unconditionally not! We believe that LGBTQ+ people are made in the image of God like everybody else and that homosexual activity is not a sin, but rather that homosexual loving (like heterosexual loving) is an act of grace. We are the only church in Oxford city centre that proclaims and embodies an affirming welcome to LGBTQ people… this makes us sad but determined to get the good news out. [For more information, see First Sunday.]