St Columba's URC warmly welcomes students & young adults (18 - 35 year olds). Below are some ways in which this age group can participate in the life of our church.

The community of St Columba's

Everyone is invited to take as active a role in our church as they feel able, from simply attending worship services to getting involved with our other activities and events.

Social activities

The students and young adults at St Columba's URC often have lunch together on Sundays.

Pastoral care and support

Our Minister and Elders provide pastoral care and support to the students & young adults of St Columba's URC, with each individual being assigned an Elder.

Leading worship services

Throughout the academic year, there are usually three services led by the students and/or young adults of St Columba's URC. These provide opportunities for individuals to write & preach sermons, write & lead prayers, and choose the content & style of the service. These services are normally preceded by a planning and preparation event, which includes food.

Chaplaincy to students in the reformed tradition

Part of our Minister's duties is chaplaincy to students in Oxford whose church life/faith is in the reformed tradition. She is willing to give talks for students at colleges and other places of student gathering around Oxford.

Keeping in touch