About Us

We are a spiritual community of thinkers and listeners and lovers, in love with Jesus and excited about the invitation Jesus offers to participate in the life of God in the world.  We are creating an inclusive and affirming community that speaks out about social justice issues and seeks to share what we have with others.  When we gather at the Lord’s table, we bring food for others too.  When we worship, we seek to meet God face to face – no matter our age.  Rooted in the Reformed tradition [for more information, see Our History], we enjoy our freedom to draw on the past and reach into the future in innovative ways. 

We want a better world and believe that the kingdom of heaven is indeed at hand, a kingdom where children do not go to bed hungry, weapons are turned into ploughshares and women and men know their value before God.  We hunger and labour for the kingdom, and hope that you do too.  Will you give us a try?