We hope to make the process of hiring of spaces and equipment as quick and easy as possible. To help us achieve this aim, please follow the steps below.


  1. Decide which space(s) and equipment you are interested in hiring.

  2. Check the rough availability for the dates you have in mind, consulting the building use diary.

  3. See if you like our prices via our standard rates page.

  4. E-mail facilitiesmanager@saintcolumbas.org

For consideration

  • We will try to answer any questions regarding potential hiring applications as soon as possible.

  • Priority is given to activities related to St Columba's URC. However, we try to work around booked-in paying hirers where possible.

  • St Columba's URC reserves the right to refuse any request without explanation.

  • For enquiries regarding the potential use of the property as a filming location then please contact our Facilities Manager.

As of October 2021, we are once again open for hiring, subject to appropriate risk assessment.