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We are in ministerial transition

For all queries regarding spiritual needs. 

Church Secretaries



Church Secretaries

For all queries of a procedural / administrative nature. Please do not contact the church secretaries about building hire or lost property; see further down the page.

Adrian Moore and Gordon Woods



For queries about donating and church finance. Queries about payment and invoicing for hirers should go through the Facilities Manager.

Andrew Baker and David Ssebiriko


NOTE: Queries about hiring invoices and payments should be directed to our Facilities Manager in the first instance.

Outreach and Development Worker with Transgender, Intersex and non-binary people

Chrissie Chevasutt

T 07418 607 983


Facilities Manager

For building hire, lost property, and all other queries related to the church building.

Jill Bentley

T 07880 601 109


NOTE: Our Facilities Manager works part time and will respond to contact on a priority basis.  Therefore, for example, a hall hire in six months' time is unlikely to be responded to as quickly as something during the week of enquiry: please be patient.

Safeguarding Officers

For queries & the reporting of issues relating to safeguarding matters.

Lucy Healey and Ian Sinclair. 

T 01865 606 453 


Our safeguarding policy is available to view here.

Website Team

For queries relating to the content and technical operation of this site.

Tony Brett and David North