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We offer competitive rates to hirers for the use of a variety of equipment.  Some information can be found below. Please contact our facilities manager for further information.

PA System

Our on-site PA system can be made available, which saves hiring third-party equipment and the risk of damaging such equipment whilst moving it in and out of our venue.

Technical Specification:

  • 2x EVPX12 speakers
  • 1x EMX212S Yamaha mixer
  • 2x Stagg Speaker Stands
  • 1x Stagg + 1x standard microphone boom
  • 2x microphones (one Wharfedale DM)
  • Cables

Digital projector

We have access to a digital projector, for use by groups reporting to our church meeting. This is not currently available to users of the building from outside the church.

Filter coffee machine

We have three round insulated coffee flasks to use with the machine, plus another three pump-action water flasks. The kitchen has a good range of coffee mugs and glasses suitable for conferences.