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Resourcing Our Mission

There are many facets to running a church & helping it achieve its mission.  Effectively & efficiently resourcing this activity is therefore very important.

Annual costs

It costs us almost £100,000 per year to run our church.  This excludes any major projects that we might decide to take on, whether that be related to our ministry or our building.  And we would love to be able to do more!   

A current project

St Columba's existing organ is no longer economically viable.  Following much consideration, the church is therefore looking to replace it with a suitable digital organ.  The cost is in excess of £10,000.  Are you able to contribute towards this expenditure?  If so, please contact one of the treasurers.

Potential projects

  • Replacing the glazing at the front of the church building;
  • Employing a dedicated student/youth worker;
  • Replacing the chairs in the church sanctuary;
  • Improving the Audio Visual capabilities of the church sanctuary.

How you can help

  • Donating money;
  • Claiming Gift Aid on donations (UK taxpayers only);
  • Donating time and effort;
  • Fundraising.

For further information

Please contact either our church secretaries or treasurers.  You should also find the most recent updates in the latest church newsletter.